Fans of Zaha Hadid's work can pay homage to and celebrate her legacy by adding some of her interior design pieces to their living and working spaces.

The pieces are available for sale and have been developed by her on her own or in collaboration with a number of different brands.

We have selected a few items that showcase her best work.


Cove Kitchen Island

The piece  is a re-visitation of Hadid’s repertoire of projects including the formal and linear compositions of the MAXXI Museum of Art in Rome and Cultural Center in Baku, as well as the innovations explored within the practice’s experimental works investigating materiality and composition.




It is available in three sizes and a variety of materials including hand-finished natural stone, selected wood and high-performing Corian® solid surface. The Cove can be wholly customised.


Zephyr Sofa and Moon Sofa

Zephyr sofa is inspired by natural rock formations eroded by wind. Reinventing the typically passive, rectilinear form of a corner sofa, its bold design actively defines the space around it. The sofa is double sided, affording maximum flexibility and allowing for multiple seating layouts. 




The Moon Sofa celebrates curvilinear geometries, the sofa escapes the constraints of the typical seating system. The back, seat and armrests appear to be carved out of a single material into one continuous angular shape.




Swarm Chandelier

Made up of thousands of reflective black crystals painstakingly suspended by hand on individual wires in petal-like shapes, the Swarm Chandelier for Established & Sons perfectly captures the studio’s interest in movement and contained energy. From afar, the intricately layered chandelier is a unified whole, only revealing its complex and varied details upon closer examination. With no internal light source of its own, it reflects the shifting light of its surroundings – a beautiful comment on the idea of a chandelier. An explosion frozen in time.




Cirrus Bench

Cirrus was installed five years after the completion of the seminal Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati. Guiding the flow of circulation around the suspended galleries, its striated articulations unravel from the wall to the ground. The resulting series of voids give the sculpture its structure and define niches for sitting, reclining, leaning or lying.
Like the building itself, the work derived from a creative exploration of form, material and method. Technological advances have liberated every aspect of the design process, enabling a radical rethink of the way in which such large- scale installations are conceived and manufactured. The project is an exercise in expanding the performance of a material, rather than limiting its use and expression with restrictive, conventional applications. 




Tea & Coffee Set (Golden or Silver)

This four-piece tea and coffee set cleverly plays with the interactive possibilities of its constituent parts. The teapot, coffee pot, milk jar and sugar bowl fit together like a three-dimensional sculptural puzzle on a discreet tray forming a compact and portable structure. When in use, the surface of the tray invites the user to flip and rotate the objects, with a section in each shape allowing it to slide onto a different axis, exposing openings for pouring and transforming the composition. Playful, surprising and elegant.






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