The owner of a $8 Million Dollars luxury apartment in Miami Installed a real Pagani Zonda as the focal point of the interior design scheme in his living room.

The Hypercar became an impressive room divider making a separation between the master suite and the living room as well as an artistic piece.


Pagani has created an aluminum and carbon fiber stand to support the car's 2359lbs which gives the impression that the car is floating sideways in the middle of the room.




Artefacto with branches in both Brazil and The United States was the company behind the project making sure the precious car was not only brought inside the apartment but also positioned carefully without damaging either the car or the building.


A unique and challenging proposition for the design company which is used to complex and unusual requirements. 




What car would you hang from your ceiling? Or maybe best drive it instead!


Images by: FinishMyCondo