The value of artistic collaborations in the luxury industry can't be underestimated, form and creativity are key elements in the process of vehicle design, investing and celebrating both can often be what differentiate brands to the end consumer with an eye for beauty.

As a way to further establish itself as a Luxury lifestyle brand, Lexus has set up an innovative pop-up gallery in Lisbon to celebrate the pre-launch of the Lexus UX crossover, scheduled to debut in Europe in early 2019.


The UX Art Space by Lexus features a re-interpretation of the new model by emerging artists Inês Zenha and Bence Magyarlaki, together with an exclusive prototype of the new car. Both artists were challenged by Lexus to deconstruct the new UX and present their own interpretation of the vehicle.


Natxo Checa, founder, director, curator and producer for the Zé dos Bois Gallery (ZDB), leads the executive production for the gallery, working alongside Carolina Grau, an independent curator and expert in contemporary art.


“As Lisbon continues to evolve as a creative and cultural hub, it offers a perfect setting to showcase our new UX crossover in an innovative, artistic environment,” said Pascal Ruch, Head of Lexus Europe. “The UX Art Space by Lexus offers visitors an opportunity to be immerged in Lexus’s world and share our passion for creative design and innovative technology.

“The UX Art Space by Lexus harmoniously connects the vehicle and the artwork,” said Carolina Grau. “This exhibition will transport visitors and engage their emotions with the use of abstraction and deconstruction, while creating an artistic interpretation of the movement, sound, shape and colour palette that are truly Lexus.”




The gallery is at Largo dos Stephens 5 in the Cais Sodré district of Lisbon and it will be open to the public until the 15th September.

Opening times are noon to 8pm, Monday to Saturday and admission is free. 


Celebrate movement and immerse yourself in beauty. Go travel, go drive, go visit.