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future of mobilityv2x
21 November 2018

Vehicle-to-Everything: The future of Intelligent and connected vehicles has already begun in China

V2X chipset market pioneer Autotalks is now expanding its operations to China after the government took a decision to pu…

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18 November 2018

Mass adoption: What does the future of EV charging points look like for the UK?

In the US back in 2010 around 100 EVs were sold, yet by 2017 over 200,000 were sold. In total there are estimated to be …

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15 November 2018

There is an Airbnb for Cars

The company has received over $205 million in funding, with investment from some of Silicon Valley's most notable ventur…

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lexusArtificial Intelligence
14 November 2018

Lexus Released An Advert Entirely Scripted by Artificial Intelligence

The company created the world’s first filmed advert scripted by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The 60-second feature was …

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13 November 2018

HRE3D+ Is The World's First 3D Printed Titanium Wheel

The material and technology open doors to the future of wheel technology as advanced materials like titanium can be used…

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Sleeping PodsBus
20 October 2018

Sleep Pods on Buses

The bus has been developed by Surrey-based Andersson-Wood architects since late last year. The person behind the idea is…

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NissanEngine SoundEV
19 October 2018

Car Engine Tunes: Pick Your Sound

Car manufacturers are investing heavily in Sound Design looking for the ideal sounds for their EV engines. One of the be…

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17 October 2018

How Hyundai NEXO is Purifying the Air You Breathe

The vehicle’s air purification system filters 99.9 per cent of very fine dust (PM2.5) and shows the exact amount of air …

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16 October 2018

Omologato: Watches For Motorsport Lovers

The company designs and manufactures affordable luxury watches to people who like us, love motorsport, cars and the expe…

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innovation3D printed cars3D printed buildings
01 August 2018

3D Printed Cars Vs 3D Printed Houses

A family in Russia and another in France already live in their very own 3D printed home, meanwhile Dutch construction co…

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Jaguar Land Rover
22 July 2018

Jaguar Land Rover Has Placed Over 870 Military Veterans Into New Careers

The number of professionals working in the automotive industry who started their career in the military is staggering. I…

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Vehicle DesignRCADegree Show
19 July 2018

The Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Degree Show 2018

The projects were developed by Jack Peter Watson, Fengshun Li and Charles Keusters.

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