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About Us

ABOUT Geared Life

Geared Life Magazine is the 3rd and final piece of a trilogy that started with the multi award-winning Five Star Magazine, first published in 2010. 

It was created out of love for the experience of driving and the lifestyle that is very much intrinsic to the lives of all of those who live, breathe and enjoy cars.

The magazine is Design and innovation led. It aims to explore our relationship with Design through the cars we choose to drive, the places we choose to spend time in and the items we choose to surround ourselves with to express ourselves. Cars to us are no means of transport, they enhance our life experience. 

We don't aim to focus on car specs and technical details and we don't offer advice. We showcase cars, the people who make them, work with them and find joy and purpose through them. We celebrate cars as an expression of the Human experience and their space in history and culture. 

Geared Life's editorial is genderless but we devote a lot of our editorial mentioning and showcasing the work of the many professional females working in the automotive industry as a way to inspire women as well as encourage the younger generation to embrace the sector professionally.

The Founder and Editor

Geared Life's Founder and Editor is Renata Parolari Fernandes, owner of multi award-winning Five Star Magazine and Hotel News Scotland. A fast car aficionado herself with 18 years experience in the luxury sector.

"Cars, like art, reflect more than culture and history, they reflect the human desire to transcend the human condition.
They live in the space between what we are and what we could never be.
They are an extension of our frail bodies, giving us the physical power, beauty and emotional freedom we aspire
within the bounderies of the technology we, ourselves, create and control."
Renata Fernandes

Questions & Answers:

What makes a luxury hotel specialist launch an automotive magazine?
Everyone has varied interests. Whilst I spent most of my work life working with luxury travel, I have always loved cars and they have always been part of every travel experience. I feel that both cars and hotels have a similar culture, they are a reflection of the period they are built, they are the result of passion, they live beyond our lifetime. We can choose cars as we choose hotels, depending on how we feel, where we are going to, who we are with. 

How do you feel the automotive industry will see Geared Life Magazine?
Unusual. Considering there are not that many females working in the industry and that we aim to do a lot of editorial showcasing their work, some will love, some will not care. Our focus is to please a specific niche of readers we understand well, they will appreciate the concept. 

In terms of editorial and marketing, what are you looking forward to the most?
Showcasing car brands under a different perspective, playing with people's misconceptions. Making the idea of cars being both lifelong love affairs and temporary flings something to be embraced. We are no longer loyal to one single brand, we change fast depending on the experience we want to have. We buy faster than ever before, we also sell faster. There is a different car and brand that fits every type of experience. We want to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and experience cars as they do different fashion brands. Marketing is a strength so all our campaigns aim to be innovative in some way. 

What bothers you the most about the automotive industry at the moment?
Repetition. Excess of copy. Cars are becoming more and more similar, there are very few brands doing something truly new and the Media isn't different in that respect either. Same old reviews, a lot of PR, not enough journalism, not enough outspoken material. 

Do you feel the automotive industry can learn more from the luxury industry?
Hugely. The luxury industry is a lot more innovative in terms of user and consumer experience. Dealerships are outdated and talking about cars like every person that comes through the door has good understanding of mechanics is a big mistake as well. Cars are experiential items, as long as the technology is in place, what it feels like, what you can do with it and its history or meaning are what matter the most. For the younger generations, it's time to focus on meaning and not numbers. 

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